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Ann Judge Forget is a Cape Cod based artist whose business name is Ann Judge Design. Ann’s pieces have a bright, whimsical, abstract feeling expressing color, shape, form and movement. Ann finds inspiration from the natural beauty of landscapes, beachscapes and skyscapes.  She looks for shapes and forms in nature. Sometimes, it is a sandy, hilly beach with sand ripples and formations that are left behind when the tide goes out.  Other times, it is the rolling hills or a sky with textured clouds and the ever changing elements that add dimension to her work. She likes to play around with the horizon line, as it can sometimes divide the painting into thirds or in half depending on the feel for which she is searching.
Ann also likes to incorporate subtle surprises between forms, adding squiggly lines in opposing colors to bring allure to the piece. She is trying to extract the essence of the image between organic shapes and the negative space. The artist usually works with acrylics but lately has added the element of oil pastel to enhance the color. Most recently, Ann has gone back to earlier themes such as the female body. A woman’s body has been a motivation for artists since the beginning of time. It is the curves, creases and softness of these forms that enliven Ann’s latest paintings. She likes to call these bodyscapes. Her study of art history motivates her to constantly be thinking of and designing her next piece. Ann’s favorite artist’s range from van Gogh, Matisse, O’Keeffe, Thiebauld to Hockney. 

Exhibitions and Commissions

Ann Forget's work has been collected nationally and internationally including London, England and Florence, Italy. Her work has mainly been exhibited and collected in Delaware, Illinois, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and New Mexico. 
Commissions available in any size free consultation email-

Cod - Shimmering Waters- donation

PAAM- 12" x 12" Exhibition- Inevitable

Art In the Park - Commission- Summer on Fire

Museums and Galleries

Artist Cottages Orleans  - Orleans, MA 2015-present
Trove - Orleans, MA 2019-present
Barnstable Municipal Airport - Barnstable,  MA 2019-present
Cape Cod Museum of Art - Dennis, MA - 2018-present - various exhibitions
PAAM- Provincetown Museum of Art - Provincetown, MA- 2018-present 12" x 12" Exhibition
Cottage - Orleans, MA - 2021- Commission Fisherman's Alliance
Art In The Park -  Chatham, MA 2021 - Commission- Whale
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